Description: The House is a domicile for people to live in. It does not produce items, but it provides villagers with a place to rest, to keep warm, and to store personal items. It is possible for thieves to break in and steal these goods, however. A House costs 2,000 gold pieces.

Storage: The House comes with 6 storage slots, which store a stack of up to 15 items.

Beds: There are 4 beds in a House.

Actions: A person may Sleep, Relax, Enter, Eat, or do Lovemaking if married.

Upgrade Cost Benefit
Fireplace 300 A small fire in your house that keeps you warm during cold months.
Loft 1,800 Adds an extra 5 storage slots.
Nice Beds 1,600 High quality beds with plenty of room to spread out. Adds "Well Rested" buff.
Table of Skullduggery 500 This will allow you to employ a gang of thieves who can pickpocket and waylay for you.
Fence 1,000 Building a fence around your house will make it harder to break into.
Cart 700 A cart for all your hauling needs.


You can set up a House for rent. Click on the House, click the Rental Management button. Set the rent payment you want, and click Offer for Rent. Rent is paid every night.

If you rent out a House with a Cart, you do not have access to the cart until you remove the House from the rent market.